Shaggy Dog Grooming is a family business with the sole intention of offering a personal grooming service, carried out with a caring, professional and loving attitude.

A collection/delivery service is available for a nominal fee.

Your dog will be given a first class service which includes nails and dew claws, groin area, armpits, ears, bathed in an appropriate shampoo for your particular dogs coat followed by a tea tree conditioner. They are then gently dried then styled by either clipping or scissoring.

Your dog will leave the salon wearing one of our designer dog colognes, eg. Summer Fruits, C-Canine, Tropicana. They are also available to buy from the salon.

We also offer a bath only service at reduced prices. This includes a full bath, drying and light grooming. Please contact us for more information.


Our prices are for a full top-to-toe service, including attention to nails and dew claws, armpit region, hair removed from between the pads and the ear canal, groin cleaned and the coat being fully groomed before bathing. The full bathing is then followed by a tea tree conditioner, drying, then styling either by grooming, clipping or scissoring. There is a very effective flea bath available but this is optional.

Your pets nails and dew claws will be clipped for FREE as part of a full service.

If you are only wanting your dogs nails clipped then no appointment is necessary. Just pop into the shop during morning opening hours.

Bath only and nail check also available

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